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Best Ways to Buy Veterinary Hoof Care Supplies Online

2 Easy Ways to Buy Veterinary Hoof Care Supplies Online

Veterinarians and hoof trimmers are seen as partners in servicing the cattle farmer when it comes to lameness challenges in a herd. In my career as a professional trimmer, I had the privilege of meeting many of the client’s veterinarians to discuss a hoof health plan for our clients. These were always nice and productive times. Today, I am investigating how we can bring our hoof care products in the hands of industry partners.

We offer our registered DIN and VHP hoof products for large animals to the veterinarian in two easy ways:

  • Our online ordering portal for veterinarians
  • The veterinarian calls our office to place the order

Hoof problems, especially digital dermatitis, have been around for a long time. The veterinarian regularly gets asked to treat lame cows but often does not have the setup to hold the foot for safely treating the cow. In the past, an antibiotic was prescribed as a quick-fix for lameness, but generally, the veterinarian will reach out to the hoof trimmer to assist with his hoof trimming chute. There are also non-antibiotic products available to veterinarians to treat digital dermatitis (DD) safely and without antibiotics – a prescription is not needed for our product line.

Intracare Inspiration Days 2019

Intracare B.V. and Diamond Hoof Care share one common goal: to offer sustainable hoof products for livestock to veterinarians. Therefore, the Intra Hoof-fit Gel and Repiderma are our two primary products purchased by veterinarians. The Intra Hoof-fit Gel is registered in Canada as an over-the-counter (OTC) drug to treat digital dermatitis (DD). As a hoof trimmer myself, I’ve used it to help thousands of cows successfully, and the DIN registration has been a significant breakthrough in the post-antibiotic era. This gel is the first antibiotic-free topical product that successfully treats DD.

#1 Our online ordering portal for veterinarians

Veterinarians are busy people, so ordering hoof products should be a breeze. Our IT team has designed a secure order portal where our products are easily added to the shopping cart. The first order takes a bit more time, as we need to record information such as a shipping address. Placing subsequent orders is a breeze, however, as all your information is prefilled and ready to go. Note that all data shared with us is entirely confidential and securely stored; we do not sell any data to third parties.

Professional discount

#2 The veterinarian calls our office to place the order

Another easy way is to pick up the phone to place the order. Our team will add and process the order for you – no typing required from your end. The contact page contains all contact information as well as our business hours, during which we are happy to take your order!

Which products are especially available for the veterinarian?

A complete overview of all our products can be found on our product page. Below, you will find a summary of our main products with their prices and product sizes. The number of usage applications that we generally see in our herds is based on our own experiences and the feedback we received from our current users. For example, a jar of Intra Hoof-fit Gel provides enough product for 50 to 70 hooves, depending on the severity of the hoof problem.

Table 1: Diamond Hoof Care – overview of our products for veterinarians.
Product Registration number Size Suggested retail price # of applications
Intra Hoof-fit Gel DIN 02441284 430 g jar $39.75 50-75
Intra Repiderma VHP NN.B7V2 250 mL bottle $17.50 65-85
Intra Tape 12 rolls $28.00 36
Hoof Tester Pro 13 inches $67.50
WrapAway $45.00

Where are the hoof products shipped from?

Our warehouse is located in St. Hyacinth, QC and our products are strictly monitored under GMP standards. Once an order is placed, the courier is dispatched to deliver the order to the clinic’s doorstep. We only handle products in our warehouse that are registered with Health Canada, either with a DIN or VHP, and strive to provide support based on independent clinical trials and case studies.

Does a veterinarian get a discount?

The veterinarian profession is a respected partner for our farms, and we reward them as such. We offer a 25% discount on most products in addition to free shipping to their location in Canada. Also, our local Canadian dealers are very willing to connect with the veterinarian to provide them with hoof products for the same discounted pricing. Stop by for a coffee – they love connecting with veterinarians.

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