Are your cows limping, and you are stuck on how to fix it?

You’re at the right place! Our Hoof Care Essentials bundle will help you treat and prevent lameness.

What’s included in the Hoof Care Essentials bundle?

  1. eBook: 39-pages, value-packed with must-know strategies and tips to treat and prevent lameness.
  2. Hoof disease reference chart: easily diagnose a cow’s different hoof diseases.
  3. “How to trim” barn sheet: learn how to trim a cow in 5 steps. Includes helpful diagrams!

All of the above are easily downloadable and printable.

The number of cows in North America that aren’t walking the way they should.

Let’s bring this number down. Together.

How will this eBook help you?

In this 39-page eBook, you’ll get familiar with…
  • The mindset behind the hoof care strategy.
  • Where do we start with hoof trimming?
  • Prevention is the key to success.
  • Facts about the cost of lameness.
  • A practical dialogue with farmer Joan.
  • … and so much more!

The average cost of lameness in Canadian dollars.

Let’s improve your bottom-line. Together.

How will this hoof disease chart help you?

This simple chart provides an overview of the different cattle diseases and will help you diagnose hoof problems.

    The average production of a healthy cow.

    Let’s stop the effect of lameness on milk production. Together.

    How will our
    5 Steps for Trimming a Cow help you?

    The easy-to-follow steps on this barn sheet will help you keep your cows on their feet.

      Our vision on hoof care. Together.

      The mindset for success

      Treatment and prevention go hand in hand to score success.

      Importance of diagnosis

      It’s important to know what is causing your herd’s lameness.

      Individual cow approach

       Early individual treatment is a gold mine in controlling lameness.

      Whole herd prevention

      How can you gain control by using whole herd prevention methods?

      Who wrote this book?

      Koos Vis

      “Being a professional hoof trimmer by trade, I have first-hand experience with lameness challenges. My passion is to help the dairy industry to overcome and manage these challenges.”

      Koos had a career as a full-time hoof trimmer from 1994 until 2015. He now runs Diamond Hoof Care as a consulting company and provides sales for premium hoof care products. His mission is to help thousands of dairy herdsmen understand, overcome, and prevent lameness!

      Our promise: we keep your livestock healthy and happy! Your free Hoof Care Essentials bundle is waiting.