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Interdigital growth, also known as Corn or Tyloma, is a disease that causes irritation and inflammation. This interdigital skin growth is a result of prolonged irritation and appears in between the 2 claws (the interdigital space).


The first swelling and irritation is caused by the heel erosion bacteria or ‘scar tissue’ caused by a foot rot. A secondary inflammation often aggravates the problem and is caused by Digital Dermatitis. Cows with low heels and weak pasterns seem to be more susceptible to get the corns in the hind legs. Furthermore, hard horn edges combined with excessive manure and moisture seems to worsen the occurrence of corns in a herd.


To prevent this problem it is important to employ proper trimming practices as well as remove pressing horn edges. We also advise to keep your alleys free from excessive manure and moisture.

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While trimming, check the interdigital space for ‘pressing’ horn edges and remove them carefully with the sharpest knife. Dry the area in between the claws with a paper towel and apply Intra Hoof-fit Gel to the affected area to treat the secondary problem, Digital Dermatitis. Apply a wrap for 3 days with Intra Hoof-fit Gel and some cotton. Serious cases need to be rechecked and treated on day 3.

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