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What is Green Spray?

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Green Spray is a dermal solution for all types of animals. It intends to
help farmers maintain the skin of their livestock in the best possible

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Why use Green Spray?

Carefully engineered

The product contains ingredients specially designed to cleanse the skin and ensure optimal adhesion when applied. Additionally, due to its compact structure, Green Spray does not run off after administration, forming a thick layer.

Easy to use

The product is easy to use: the Green Spray bottles not only fit in your pocket, they also disperse the product in all directions - including upside-down!

Information and Orders

Information and Orders

Thanks for your interest in Green Spray!

Do you want to order Green Spray? Or do you need more information

Just contact one of our dealers, or fill out the form below the map!

Note: Green Spray is only available in the USA.


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All products are distributed by:

Diamond Hoof Care Ltd

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